Children become super heros with high self-esteem

Tips to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

August 21, 2019

Self-esteem plays a major role in the development of healthy children, mentally, physically and spiritually. Children with high self-esteem generally become more successful in life. Children who have high self-esteem are more emotionally mature, more stable, more realistic and they have a higher frustration tolerance. They also tend to be happier and to do better … Read more

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back to school safety tips for children and parents

Safety Tips for Back to School

August 14, 2019

As summer comes to an end and children start heading back to school, the first week can be quite hectic and exhausting for many parents and students. It’s important to remember and share with your children some safety tips for back school. Transportation Safety: Walkers: Walk on the sidewalk, if one is available. When on … Read more

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mobile phone chasing child with a rope

Why Your Child Doesn’t Need a Mobile Phone

August 7, 2019

Mobile phones have made our lives much easier having access to the web in the palm of our hands. Yet as a parent, you ought to be concerned about the impact that devices such as mobile phones can have on your child. Below are some reasons why your child doesn’t need a mobile phone. Limits … Read more

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GPS Watch Tracker for Children

How GPS Watch can Improve the Safety of Children

August 5, 2019

Parenting is not an easy job. Parents have to arrange all the things for their kids, from their food to dropping them off at school and picking them up from school etc. All-day revolves around work and your children. Many parents left their jobs and careers for their kids because it’s not easy to provide … Read more

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Lost Child SOS Emergency Calling GPS Watch

Why Use A GPS Watch at Theme Parks and Playgrounds

July 19, 2019

GPS watches are coming with the latest technology and a lot of intelligent features to make yours and your child’s life easier. GPS watches are watches with a tracking system that help you in tracking locations and places even without being with your kid. This comes handy especially when you take your kids to theme … Read more

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iGPS Watch Live

July 18, 2019

Watch iGPS Wizard Watch Live.

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Child dropped his cell phone

Why Buying a GPS Watch Phone is Better than Buying a Cell Phone

July 11, 2019

Although most of the people at the present time have a cell phone in their pockets, when it comes to a GPS watch phone then truly it can bring its own amazingness with ease. A GPS watch phone can be the best thing to have because watches are never going to be out of trend, … Read more

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GPS Smartwatch Calling Mom Feature

How a GPS Watch Phone for Kids Works?

July 11, 2019

You may have heard a lot about the benefits of having a GPS watch phone for your kids. Fortunately, a GPS watch mobile is one of the most amazing solutions which you can get for your kids to track their activities as well as to stay in touch with them all day even when they … Read more

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Girl talking with mom using her smartwatch

Why Buying GPS Watch Phone for Children is a Better Option?

July 9, 2019

Every parent wants to keep their kids safe and develop better habits. But when the kids are out of the home this can be difficult to keep an eye on them and this can make parents become worried and stressed. So, here the best solution which can save you from stress and can be a … Read more

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