Child buckling his seat belt for summer safety

Children Safety Tips

February 27, 2018

Technology surrounds us on a day to day basis. And while parents find it easier to adapt to the new changes, it’s a lot harder for kids to identify what’s right and what’s wrong. That’s especially true when they have immediate access to the internet nowadays. But as you can imagine, this goes well beyond … Read more

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Mom giving a high five for kids on summer break

Congratulations to Our Summer Giveaway Winners!

August 3, 2017

20 Winners Received a Free iGPS Scout Watch Phone in Our First Facebook Page Contest We just announced the winners of our Summer Giveaway (link to Facebook page) Facebook page contest! We gave out 20 free iGPS Scout Watch Phones in our very first Facebook contest. Congratulations to all of the winners: Alyssa O, Brittany … Read more

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Child at the beach for summer break sitting on a soccer ball

Sun Safety for Summer Break

May 5, 2017

Sunburn can happen within 15 minutes of being in the sun, but the redness and discomfort may not be noticed for a few hours. Repeated sunburns can lead to skin cancer. Unprotected sun exposure is even more dangerous for kids who have many moles or freckles, very fair skin and hair, or a family history … Read more

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iGPS Watch mobile GPS navigation

5 Good Reasons to Opt for a GPS Watch for Children

March 14, 2017

GPS devices are now part of our everyday life and our children are not left behind either… So if you want to combine the useful gadgets with the pleasant, you should consider equipping your child with a GPS watch to ensure safety and peace of mind. The models available on the market are numerous, offering … Read more

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iGPS Watch Promotional Video gives parents super powers

Video – The Advantages of iGPS Watch for Parents and Kids

February 27, 2017
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Advantages of GPS Tracking for Children and Parents

February 13, 2017

Child safety is an important issue. Parents are always concerned about the security of their children. Our busy and stressful lives often mean that we can make mistakes. Despite paying attention to their activities or leaving them with vigilant babysitters, it is very much possible to make a mistake and lose track of the kids. … Read more

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