Live GPS Tracking

Wizard Watch Powered by iGPS

iGPS Mobile App GPS Location Navigator

GPS Location Tracking

Using multiple satellites, the Wizard Watch can identify it's longitude and latitude location and send the information to the iGPS mobile app. A common everyday example is the use of Internet and mobile map applications on smartphones that can calculate your current position using your GPS location and show where you're located on a map. Because your location coordinates are sent to our mobile application, the watches location is now known by the application, which is known as GPS Location Tracking.

iGPS Mobile App GPS Refresh On Demand

Request Location on Demand

Using the iGPS mobile app parents/guardians have the ability to request GPS location on demand with one touch.

iGPS Mobile App GPS Location Reporting Frequency

Control GPS Update Frequency

The iGPS mobile app allows the parent or guardian to have control of the GPS reporting frequency. Set the GPS to Update every 5/15/30/60 minutes. This setting has an impact on battery life. The 5-minute reporting setting consumes more battery power than the 60-minute reporting.

iGPS mobile app map satellite view

Toggle between map views using Satellite or Street View

The iGPS mobile app offers 2 map views (street view and satellite view). The satellite view allows the user to see landmarks such as houses, buildings etc. Street view allows the user to only see bodies of water, street names etc.