A Wearable GPS Device for Kids

Take the worry out of giving them their freedom


A Wearable GPS Device for Kids

Take the worry out of giving them their freedom

They Deserve To Be Safe & Protected, You Deserve Some Added Peace of Mind!

The Wizard GPS Tracking Watch Phone is perfect for any parent concerned about their child’s safety and protection. Whether they are away from home at school or play, the Wizard allows you to Contact, Locate, Monitor and Protect your child. Our product features LIVE GPS Tracking, Cellular Voice & Text Communication, a One-Touch SOS alert button, Safe and Danger-Zone (virtual fence), Device Removal alerts, and much, much more. Don't leave your child's safety to chance, get your child the protection they deserve and give yourself some peace of mind. Order a Wizard Watch today!


Two-way voice calling

Text & Voice Messaging

Approved Caller List

Emergency Call List


LIVE GPS Tracking

Safe & Danger Zones

Take Me Home Mapping

Last Known Location


Activity Tracking


History Playback



One-touch SOS Button

Device Removal Alert

Emergency Contact

See for yourself.

In the video below, the Fourie Family explains the features of the Wizard Watch, and puts the device through a LIVE GPS Tracking demo. See for yourself how easy it is to locate your child when they are wearing the Wizard Watch!

Wizard Watch - GPS Tracker Demo

What can I do with the Wizard Watch?

Live GPS Tracking



Set Safe
Play Zones


SMS Text Messaging

Voice Messaging

Activity Tracking

History Playback

Take Me Home Wayfinding


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